Statutory health insurance funds

In my private practice in Berlin-Pankow, I can also treat patients with statutory health insurance using the so-called reimbursement procedure. If you have not been able to obtain a therapy place with a psychotherapist approved by the health insurance fund, your health insurance fund is obliged to cover the costs of psychotherapy in a private practice.
I will be happy to advise you on the exact procedure and support you in the application process with your health insurance fund.

Private health insurance and statal clerk health co-funds

The costs of psychotherapy are usually covered without any problems by private health insurances and the statal clerk co-funds.


Psychotherapy can be started immediately without formalities. The fee amounts to 150 Euros per therapy session / English language.

Heilfürsorge (e.g. soldiers of the Bundeswehr)

Heilfürsorge (e.g. soldiers of the Bundeswehr)

Federal police officers

Since May 2018, (German) federal police officers have had the option of receiving psychotherapy in a private practice. To this end, the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists has concluded an agreement with the (German) Federal Ministry of the Interior.